At Antasena Energy, together with our partners and clients, we exist to create a sustainable green solution for a better future.

Ever since the enterprise is established in the nation’s key strategic industries in 2016 in Jakarta, Indonesia, our growth has been achieved parallel with our efforts to help Indonesia succeed in the energy as well as economic sector. Antasena Energy continues to evolve as we learn on our journey on becoming nation’s #1 solution for sustainable energy resource, and we have been focusing our works into the waste management systems.

We believe that in order for mankind to have a harmonic life, the environment should be very well taken care of. A clean, modern technology can offers great benefits for a healthy environment. Therefore, we collaborate with SINOSTEEL Equipment & Engineering Co., Ltd which experience has been far exceeded world’s expectation on making a greener earth (TOP 5 China’s Enterprise). SINOSTEEL has made Antasena Energy became their representative to run this mission in Indonesia, so that by using SINOSTEEL advance technology, we can together create a better future for everyone.

The advantages of our core technology and our professionalism is demonstrated in the products we offers to the market right now. It is an integrated waste management solution from A to Z; Mobile Compaction Unit, Waste Transfer Stations projects, and the great Waste Incineration Power Plants which produce green energy and zero emission.

This is the mission Antasena Energy has pursued over the years, and we will not waver from our challenges in the years ahead. Please join us on this very meaningful journey.

Lie Sioe Hwie (Ali)

Sustainability Value

Social Contribution

We carry out our social responsibilities as a responsible citizen and actively participate in such endeavors.

Winning Partnership

We strongly believe in achieving mutual growth by executing a “Win-Win Solutions” for all of our stakeholders.

Caring for Planet Earth

By becoming sustainable in everything that we do, we can ensure that our planet will remain flourish.

Future Energy

We’re positioned to drive the next wave of innovation in the global waste-management industry.

Antasena Energy seeks to grow together with all our key stakeholders: local communities, shareholders, partners, and most importantly our clients. We will be glad to collaborate with people who want to contribute to mankind prosperity, to build greener and healthier nation, to create a sustainable future of the Earth.
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