Integrated Waste Management

Integrated waste management solution from A to Z which was built with modern technology, aiming to provide a solution for the future of the Earth.

Waste Incineration Power Plant

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Waste Transfer Station


Mobile Compaction Unit


Project Output

Waste Management
from A to Z

Electric Power
2 x 10 MW Daily

Waste Cleaning
1000 ton daily

for 20.000 Brick daily


When a city has a sustainable waste management system with a good operation inside, it most likely will receive a Green Environment Status from the society.

Technology Transfer

The know-how transfer from world’s top engineering company to Indonesia

Waste Management System

From beginning to end, we can ensure that the waste will be useful to the society

Create Jobs

Man power is needed to run the system

Green, Sustainable Energy

The system creates a better future by designing a new world of sustainable energy

Long Life

Avoid “Illegal Dumping” and still preserve the existing businesses around

Safety & Health Care for Workers

In an environment of trust and loyalty, we support our talent every step of the way

Soil Enhancer

Soil will be protected from the waste dumping

Economical Value

The economical value of the environment will increase

Global Protection

Producing a sustainable energy for the next generation
Antasena Energy seeks to grow together with all our key stakeholders: local communities, shareholders, partners, and most importantly our clients. We will be glad to collaborate with people who want to contribute to mankind prosperity, to build greener and healthier nation, to create a sustainable future of the Earth.
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