Waste Transfer Station

It is basically introduced in waste management for minimising transportation costs. Long hauls of waste loads from collection points to disposal sites using collection trucks are not economical due to more and more distance to disposal sites.

As a hub for waste collection routes, waste transfer stations receive waste from individual waste collection trucks (or sanitation mini truck / tricycle). At the station, the waste is emptied into large containers, efficiently compacted and transported to a disposal site by transfer trucks (Hi tech sanitation truck) which will bring the compacted waste to the waste incineration power plant.


Clean Technology

Clean technology related to business models offers competitive ROI while providing solutions to global challenges.

Sustainable Solution

Waste can be sorted in different waste streams and transported to recycling factories or waste incineration power plant.

Cost Saving

Due to it’s automatization, simple infrastructural, it can reduce the expenses of managing waste.

Decreasing Green House Gas Emissions

Waste Transfer Stations cause in considerable fuel savings for the collection system by reducing total fleet miles traveled.

You may contact us to know more about the technical specification or other details.  We will be glad to work with you, making the world a little bit better.
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